We had an old 1860’s house with a poor heating system and no air conditioning, and we decided that we wanted to completely remodel the house. We were just sold on Geothermal heating and cooling, but knew it would be a difficult project. We contacted Riverbridge Electric, they brought in their experts, and after spending a lot of time working with us and seeing what we wanted to accomplish, they came back with a plan that they thought was feasible. It was quite involved and complicated. To their credit, they made it work. They were so open to changes that we wanted to make to meet our needs. They used our ideas and made them practical. The entire team at Riverbridge Electric did a great job of working around and with the other construction people that were onsite. Riverbridge Electric worked very efficiently and seemed concerned with always doing things the most economic way. They are just superb people to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.
Dr. George and Norma Schneider
Riverbridge Electric has done a lot of work for us over the years. Three years ago, they installed a new furnace, and more recently, they remodeled the bathrooms in our home. We were so pleased with the work they have done, they were just great to work with. Not only are they very friendly and easy to work with, the warranties on their products were the best we have found and we got the most for our money from Riverbridge Electric. We had many questions along the way, and they were very good about keeping us informed and making recommendations to us to help improve our plans. They also were so courteous and they worked around our busy schedules. The best thing we ever did was hire Riverbridge Electric.
Mike and Nancy Andritsch
Pefley Farm Equipment specializes in the buying and selling of farm machinery, both retail and wholesale. When we were starting our project, it became apparent that Riverbridge Electric was extremely professional. They installed air source heat pumps, and did the electrical work for our new shop. They don’t cut corners, but at the same time, they don’t oversell you. Riverbridge Electric does the right work–the work that needs to be done. They are very prompt. When they told us they would be here, they were here. If we had any questions, they answered every one of them. We were very impressed working with Dave Migliorini. Riverbridge Electric hires the right people, so you know whoever you’re working with will do good work. We also feel like Riverbridge Electric probably offers the best service in the county. You call them and they come. You have a problem, they fix it. From my experience, if you want a project done first class, call Riverbridge Electric. They aren’t second best at anything.
Bob Pefley